ReadMe - last roundup of the year with all the interesting Kube news we've found

LiveWyer | 22 December 2023

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community, as well as interesting stories from the tech world. Here are a few of our most recent.

Interesting Projects / Tools / Posts

AWS Exec: ‘Our understanding of open source has started to change’

Dieselgate, but for trains - some heavyweight hardware hacking

All the sessions from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2023 are now online

VMWare by Broadcom dramatically simplifies offer lineup and licensing model

Terra-dos and Terra-don’ts - a few common issues with Terraform iterables and how to avoid them

Terraform stacks, explained

The Kubernetes 1.29 release interview

Our very own co-production Who Wants to be a Cloud Media Engineer?

Identity infrastructure, simplified for you

Women are on a 283-year march to parity

The big cloud exit FAQ

Lessons learned from twenty years of site reliability engineering

SSH protects the world’s most sensitive networks. It just got a lot weaker

Cisco to acquire Cloud Native networking and security leader Isovalent

Check back soon for another installment of interesting tools/projects.

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