Production Ready Lite

Formalised validation in a recommendation report with follow up consultancy sessions

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Production Ready Advanced


The Production Ready Lite package includes everything from the Production Ready Free package as well as a targeted recommendation report and ollow up consultancy sessions with our production-ready Kubernetes engineers. Our engineers have worked across multiple Kubernetes environments, allowing them to provide solutions based off true architectural experience with the latest industry tools and knowledge.

What will we deliver?

We produce a detailed recommendation report after our discovery calls with you, documenting the issues we identified as well as recommendations for high level objectives to resolve each of these. This is tailored specifically to your business needs and we offer follow up sessions to answer any further questions from the recommendation report.

Actionable Infrastructure Recommendation Report

  • Detailed report outlining each identified issue along with practical high level recommendations for resolving these
  • Clear, technical justifications for recommendations

Report driven by client's bespoke requirements

  • Recommendation report specifically written and tailored to your business needs
  • Considerations in recommendations given to known limitations

Follow-up consultancy sessions

  • Follow up consultancy for any questions from the recommendation report
  • Initial consultancy around planning of the workstreams defined in the recommendation report

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Documented discovery details along with high level technical recommendations to resolve immediate issues, formalised in a report

Gain tips and advice on how to get started with the recommendations from our Kubernetes engineers, who have real life experience with multiple Kubernetes environments

Tailored recommendations with follow up consultations to answer questions specific to your Kubernetes environment

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