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Planning for the next stage of development can be a complex process. Our team is available to provide targeted recommendations based off our specialist expertise in the Kubernetes world. The Production Ready Free package offers an initial review and discovery of your setup, providing immediate insights into current, real issues that are affecting your business right now.

What will we deliver?

The simple process involves a single hour technical call with an experienced Kubernetes engineer. We identify the current technology in use and review how this is working for you along with any current issues you are facing. We use this time to discover any concerns and provide appropriate high-level solutions or low-level details to help overcome them.

1 Hour Remote Review & Discussion

  • Walk through of current setup, workflows and technologies in place
  • Review and discussion of both system architecture and operational workflows
  • Identification of issues at each layer of your platform

Immediate Insight Into Current Challenges

  • Our experienced Kubernetes engineers provide immediate insights into resolving issues which are relevant to your business right now
  • Advice provided for potential future issues, reducing technical debt early on

Independent & Vendor Neutral Advice

  • Unbiased advice to enable your team with the best tools for your business
  • Solutions suggested from production-ready Kubernetes engineers, instead of sales based advisors

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Let our experienced Kubernetes engineers help you to identify issues and areas for optimisation.

Receive immediate feedback on how to resolve issues that are impacting your business right now

Reduce risk and technical debt throughout each stage of development

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