Production Ready Advanced

A full, comprehensive validation at each stage of your development with real-world scenario testing

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Production Ready Lite


The Production Ready Advanced package is a comprehensive and independent validation of your platform and team's current capabilities. This package includes everything in the Production Ready Free and Production Ready Lite packages, with the addition of extensive real-world scenario 'wargames' testing.

What will we deliver?

As well as validating technology, we review operational workflows and processes to minimise manual work and boost productivity across your team. We perform real-world scenario tests to identify issues early on and repeat tests to eliminate identified risks.

In-depth technology and process validation

  • Comprehensive validation of technology and operational workflows
  • Full production-readiness testing including Disaster Recovery, Major Upgrades and Scaling

Platform wide real-world failure scenario testing

  • Identify unseen issues with real-world scenario 'wargame' testing
  • Platform manual created based off iterative real-world WarGame testing

Uncovered issues actively resolved and validated

  • Follow an observe, correct and repeat procedure for 'wargame' tests to iteratively reduce production risk
  • Analysis of real-world scenario testing results, actively resolving real issues early on in the development cycle

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Comprehensive validation of your platform from both a technical and operational perspective

Use of real-world scenario testing to uncover unseen issues early on in the development process

Generate a comprehensive platform "runbook" manual as part of the "wargames" process

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