Plan Ready

Our basic, targeted support plan for one-off projects or events

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Event Ready


Plan Ready is our introductory support plan, offering support within core working hours to aid with planning standalone projects or events. Our team of experienced Kubernetes engineers support your team in planning this project or event from start to finish, targeting identified areas of concern right from the beginning.

What will we deliver?

We work with you to schedule the support hours you need within core business hours to provide expertise for your project or event.

Business Hours, Planned Support

  • Business As Usual style support offering support for tasks crucial to running day to day operations in your business
  • Initial discussion to plan out support hours and how we can compliment your team

Remote Scalable Resources For Ongoing Needs

  • Flexible resourcing, meaning we tailor and scale resources as required for your project or event
  • Remote led consultancy, making our resources highly accessible

Scheduled & Best Efforts SLA

  • Best efforts SLA within core business hours
  • Prescheduled outline of work using agile project management methodologies to identify clear end results

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Get one-off expertise for a specific project or event with no strings attached

Flexible and easily scalable resourcing throughout the project or event

Targeted consultation to push a project or event 'over the line'

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