Event Ready

Our short term support plan, there to help you reach a specific goal with dedicated support

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Risk Ready


Event Ready is an intensive support plan aimed at short term projects with a specific goal in mind such as product launches, go live events or onboarding a new client. We provide targeted support over a specified time in order to help you achieve your end goal to a high standard.

What will we deliver?

This package includes the Plan Ready package with the following additional upgrades; immediate support within business hours, a dedicated support channel and the Production Ready Lite validation package included.

Immediate Business Hours Support

  • Contact us when you need to with immediate response during core business hours
  • SLAs for on call technical support during core business hours

SLA Driven With Dedicated Support Channel

  • Customer-based SLA tailored specifically to your business needs
  • A dedicated support channel on a platform of your choice for ease of communication

Production Ready Lite Validation Included

  • We produce an actionable recommendation report to validate your entire project/event plan
  • Tailored recommendations based on your needs and consideration of current infrastructure and team capabilities
  • Follow up consultancy sessions off the back of the recommendation report to aid with progressing next steps of proposed solutions outlined in the report

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Intensive, targeted support to reach a specified goal successfully from start to finish

Dedicated support from our Kubernetes experts who implement best practices across each stage of the project

Immediate support within core business working hours

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