Support the adoption of Kubernetes and dynamic methodologies across the enterprise, balancing the day-to-day with long term strategy.

What we deliver for your:


Infrastructure product management

We support the long term success of your platform by establishing and engaging in an ongoing strategic decision making process compatible with a dynamic system.

Emergency third line support

We provide remote-first engineers to get hands on to support your team when they need an extra hand.

Support Your Platform


Effective systems handover

We provide a structured programme to develop your in-house abilities to manage a dynamic infrastructure as a constantly evolving software product.

Dynamic platform strategy

We work with organizational leadership to support the development and delivery of a wider platform strategy.

Support Your Team

LiveWyer works as a remote, drop-in, team to support your operations with key decisions. Our team offers high level oversight, providing a layer of checks and balances, as well as deep technical Kubernetes experience to keep your infrastructure healthy as it evolves.

Support your platform

A Kubernetes platform evolves through managed, versioned change.

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Manage technical debt

The ease with which it is possible to add containerised services to a platform can easily lead to poor technology selection and technical debt. Establish effective protocols for managing what gets added.

Dynamic Kubernetes platforms are products

Platforms need to be supported with effective product management processes. Leave behind the idea that everyone gets what they asked for. Understand the needs, evaluate the options and deliver the services you can fully commit to.

Balance short and long term decision making

Day-to-day operations teams do not always have the opportunity to see the bigger picture. Help them avoid making quick, short term, decisions that undermine the longevity of the platform, by supporting them with a team that is able to work at a high level.Operations, development and business need to work together.

Fast moving processes

For processes to work, they need to move fast. Make sure that any processes are regularly reviewed and kept optimised, and ensure that everyone understands why they exist.

The goal: Always moving forward

The team in charge of the platform is actively engaged in understanding the needs of it's users, listening and understanding the reasons behind each feature request. New services are added through a structured, fast moving, proposal process that invites different teams to find the best shared solution and these are added to a roadmap. The platform keeps evolving, every new service is fully automated and carefully monitored, over time it just keeps getting better.

Support your team

The old boundaries between operations and development no longer apply

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Evolve your roles

These new tools will break down the traditional boundaries between teams, requiring new roles and updated responsibilities. Micro-service architectures will automatically push teams to become smaller and more multi-disciplinary. Take the time to build support for the change.

Review your corporate strategy

Platforms push businesses in a new direction. The new, dynamic nature of the technology will pull everyone with it, and the business needs to be ready for the change it has kickstarted.

Increase autonomy

Platforms work best when individual developers and teams have the ability to harness it's power in unexpected ways. Through a carefully defined set of standards and automated processes, platforms make it possible for diverse teams to produce compatible technologies without the communications overhead.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Platforms turn everything into a set of interconnected products. To create these products well, they need to be built by teams that understand the technical infrastructure, the development practices, the business needs and the user experience.

The goal: All for one and one for all

A platform is built on trust. Those who use it know that the processes have been defined to enable everyone to work. Innovation flows from a collaborative culture where change is welcomed, but there is an understanding that there is an element of discipline and responsibility required to support the freedom to create. Without the boundaries between hardware and software, between development and operations, each of the different teams now collaborate to build services at different levels of the system. Some serve external clients, others support internal or external development teams. Everyone runs an API. Everyone is invested in creating the best possible platform.

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