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Benefit from a continuous delivery model.

Automate your existing processes.

Automated testing powered by Kubernetes.

Reduce burden of manual tasks.

Automation Support

Through efficient automation we can help your business to realise many operational benefits. LiveWyer utilise the latest tools to support you in achieving a more automated, continuous delivery pipeline.

With automated testing it is possible to build a platform that ensures consistency and reliability of application deployment. Not only does this translate to a greater level of confidence in your application, but it also minimises manual tasks and interventions. This saves valuable time, increasing the productivity of your teams and allowing them to focus their energy where it will have greatest impact.

The ability to react quickly to demands is a major advantage to any business. When you automate your processes, not only can you achieve faster times to market, but also your developers can respond more quickly to feedback.

At LiveWyer we can help your business to benefit from the efficiency of a more automated platform. Using tools such as Jenkins and Kubernetes we can empower your IT teams to drive positive change for your business.

If you want a more efficient and easily manageable continuous delivery solution, get in touch to find out how LiveWyer can help you achieve the most from your technology investment.

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