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LiveWyer | 30 October 2023

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community, as well as interesting stories from the tech world. Here are a few of our most recent.

Interesting Projects / Tools / Posts

Kanister is an extensible framework for application-level data management on Kubernetes

CVE-2023-38545 - socks5 heap buffer overflow

Cloud Native Computing Foundation announces Cilium graduation

How it works: the novel HTTP/2 ‘Rapid Reset’ DDoS attack

Talos Linux is a modern Linux distribution built for Kubernetes

CMA launches market investigation into cloud services

An introduction to BGP… from the operator of a small AS

CodiumAI PR Agent: an AI-powered tool for automated pull request analysis, feedback, suggestions and more

A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing

Check back soon for another installment of interesting tools/projects.

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