ReadMe - Docker U-turn and lots of interesting new tools and articles

LiveWyer | 12 April 2023

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community, as well as interesting stories from the tech world. Here are a few of our most recent.

Interesting Projects / Tools / Posts

GitHub updated their RSA SSH host key

Some tracing tools: Jaeger Tracing, Zipkin, OpenTelemetry

Docker are no longer sunsetting the free team place

Docker and Ambassador Labs announce Telepresence for Docker

Using Siri to create a Kubernetes cluster

Virgin Media down in UK: broadband customers threaten to quit in anger at outages

DevOps-inspired party games

Google Cloud Networking and Security Courses

Fun with Linux for Cloud & DevOps engineers

Packet, where are you? is an eBPF-based Linux kernel networking debugger

Scaling Kubernetes to 7500 Nodes

Import YAML/JSON-formatted configuration files into Keycloak – Configuration as Code for Keycloak

Check back soon for another installment of interesting tools/projects.

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