ReadMe - KubeCon schedule released + interesting tools

LiveWyer | 08 September 2022

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community, as well as interesting stories from the tech world. Here are a few of our most recent.

Interesting Projects / Tools / Posts

VMware - VMware Embraces Kubernetes APIs in VMware vSphere 8

Schedule for Kubecon North America - Kubecon is back and it’s packed with more fascinating talks!

Parseable - Parseable is a log storage and observability platform for modern, cloud native workloads.

Why you should use cloud native - Cloud native testing tools allow you to deploy tests in your clusters, the executions are super scalable and they are not coupled to any CI/CD framework.

Containers SSH - An SSH Server that Launches Containers in Kubernetes and Docker

Microsoft Teams App For Linux is Being Retired - If you’re an avid user of the official Microsoft Teams app for Linux there’s changes afoot, and you’ll want to brace yourself for it.

VMware Tanzu - VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.0 Streamlines Kubernetes Orchestration

Check back soon for another fix of interesting projects and posts.

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