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LiveWyer | 09 October 2020

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community - here’s a few of our most recent.

Industry Updates

Update from CNCF about Helm repo changes and end of support in November

Tech workers flee Belarus

Progress buys Chef for $220m

Interesting Helm issue

Tigera announces Open Source Calico for Windows and collaboration with Microsoft

PagerDuty to acquire Rundeck to expand DevOps automation capabilities

Windows support for Envoy goes Alpha

KubeCraftAdmin: The adventurer’s k8s admin tool

Celebrities talk DevOps

Interesting Projects / Tools

k8syaml - a Kubernetes YAML generator

Backstage - Spotify’s open source platform for building developer portals

K8s Initialiser - Generate YAML to build your own application-ready Kubernetes playground

Kube Score - Kubernetes object analysis with recommendations for improved reliability and stability

kubectl sudo, a plugin that allows users to run Kubernetes commands with the security priveleges of another user

World News

Publishers are taking the internet to court

Microsoft successfully trials underwater datacentre

Microsoft buys Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda, for $7.5bn

People have suggested Microsoft Excel wasn’t the best database software for tracking COVID cases

Check back soon for another fix of interesting projects and posts.

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