ReadMe - some nuggets from the post-bank holiday news vault

| 13 May 2019

At LiveWyer we have a Slack channel for work-relevant links from the community - here’s a few of our most recent.

Pod priority and preemption in Kubernetes -

UK Govt doing tech projects is difficult sometimes -

Clinton 2016 campaign had a really good UI / design system -

Helm 3 Preview -

Google and Apple facilitate the “guardian” system in Saudi Arabia -

Twitter, not wanting to be left out, fails to ban white supremacists -

k3OS, a Kubernetes operating system -

Japan has a new Emperor. Now it needs a software update -

Good article, discussing issues with Jenkins -

Docker Enterprise 3 announced -

5G depends on Kubernetes in the cloud -

Someone running Linux on a Nintendo Switch -

Announcing WSL2 -

CVE-2019-5021 -

Amazon S3 Path Deprecation Plan: The rest of the story -

Check back soon for another fix of interesting projects and posts.

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