LiveWyer Kubernetes Training goes worldwide!

LiveWyer | 29 May 2018

Last week our team were in Huntsville, Alabama to deliver our first Kubernetes training course in the US. We were working with the excellent team from Siemens to get them up to speed with Kubernetes and Custom Operators.

It was an engaging week and we made a lot of progress, particularly with Custom Resource Definitions, Argo and accepting the fact our 10 minute journey to the office is impossible by foot.

We also had the chance to visit the excellent U.S. Space & Rocket Center while we were in Huntsville, and were advised to sample the local Grits (slow cooked with butter added at the very end, obviously).

All in all it was an excellent experience - a big thank you to Earl, Jonanthan and Co for working with us, and the people of Huntsville for their signature southern hospitality!

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