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Ensure each stage of your Software Supply Chain is secured with expert tips and practical advice from our experienced Kubernetes engineers

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A Kubernetes environment typically orchestrates many moving components and therefore can compromise of many 'links' in the Software Supply Chain. We analyse and consult in securing source code, materials, build pipelines, artefacts and deployments within your Software Supply Chain.

Who is this for?

This is intended for your Security, Operational and Management teams.

What will we deliver?

Technical Specification

  • Verification of each 'link' in the supply chain, ensuring that no link solely relies on the trustworthiness of any previous links in the chain
  • Analysis of areas where automation can be implemented to reduce human error and configuration drift
  • Providing appropriate layers of authorisation to clearly define security domains across the supply chain
  • Ensuring all human and machine identities involved in the supply chain are required to provide authentication, with regular key rotation

People-focused Specification

  • Expose your team to Kubernetes specific security concerns, along with best practices in these areas
  • Reduce the need for your team to carry out manual security tasks through the use of automation
  • Lower the risk of unauthorised or incorrect changes being applied to your production environment

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

An in depth supply chain analysis with recommendations for improvements across all 'links' in the supply chain

Implementation of automation with the dual benefits of eliminating human error as well as easing the need for manual maintenance

Work with our experienced Kubernetes engineers who provide a fresh pair of eyes in identifying security concerns

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