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Build a highly available Kubernetes environment with our experienced engineers there to guide you with best practices reducing technical debt right from the start

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The next step up from the Kubernetes Reference Build is the Highly Available Kubernetes Build. We work with you to find out what your requirements are to build a Kubernetes environment which is highly available across multiple locations or data centres.

Who is this for?

This is intended to provide a HA Kubernetes build for your developers, operations or DevOps teams.

What will we deliver?

Technical Specification

  • This is intended for businesses who require on-site or opinionated High Availability Kubernetes services
  • Redundant and highly available Kubernetes storage layer
  • Initial validation of HA failover for all Kubernetes components
  • Custom Kubernetes API load-balancing and proxy configurations supported
  • Harderned to CIS security standards by default
  • Kubernetes control plane components tested to replicate and be highly available across topology
  • Mulitple HA ingress options supported and performance scaled
  • Secure TLS protocols across all infrastructure components
  • Tailored requirements for financial or compliance regulations as needed

People-focused Specification

  • Expose your team to real-world Kubernetes HA experiences for practical Day 2 operations
  • Enable your team with operational workflows and knowledge bases to effectively support your technology platform
  • Expert consultations with your team on client specific applications and next steps

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Support for multiple infrastructure providers and regions with our clear HA operational model

Reduce future technical debt and total cost of change by letting our experienced engineers deliver industry best practices into your business

Our engineers work with you to discover your requirements in your bespoke cloud or bare metal environment

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