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Expose your team to best practices in Docker, Kubernetes, and repeatable software deployments to cloud-native platforms

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Kubernetes Advanced Training


A 3 day course led by experienced Kubernetes administrators covering three key technologies: Docker, Kubernetes and Helm. In this course, attendees will learn how to use these technologies to onboard and develop their applications within Kubernetes. Alongside this, we cover best practices which align with the 12 factor application readiness methodology.

Who is this for?

This is intended for the developers in your team to build production-ready cloud native microservices.

What will we deliver?

Technical Specification

Our training is designed with practical workshops and labs to give your team hands-on experience with Docker, Kubernetes and Helm. We also include a 1:1 follow up session after the training to answer any further questions on this course.

Day 1: Docker

  • Setup
  • What is Docker?
  • Running a public Docker container
  • HelloWorld Dockerfile
  • Docker CLI
  • Working with Docker repositories
  • HelloWorld Dockerfile 2.0
  • Multi-stage Dockerfiles
  • Docker compose

Day 2: Kubernetes

  • Basics of containers
  • Basics of schedulers
  • Workload examples
  • Kubectl basics
  • Scheduling Pods
  • Scheduling Deployments
  • Kubernetes Services
  • Kubernetes Namespaces
  • Pod Liveness & Readiness checks
  • Ingress controllers and resources
  • Configuring your applications
  • Deploying your applications
  • Insecting your applications

Day 3: Kubernetes & Helm

  • Setup
  • Kubernetes compatibility with 12 Factor Apps
  • What is Helm?
  • Installing a public chart
  • HelloWorld Chart
  • The Helper Template
  • Working with repositories
  • Subcharts
  • Wrapper Charts
  • Chart best practice
  • Helm Operations
  • Helm plugins
  • CI/CD Demo

People-focused Specification

At LiveWyer, we also recognise that new technologies won’t reach their full potential without a trained team who are able to effectively interact with the technology. It’s important to get best practices in place right from the start of your Kubernetes journey to reduce technical debt in later stages of development.

  • Give your team the skills needed to design, build and deploy cloud native applications
  • Expose your team to best practise CI + CD workflows to implement across your Kubernetes environment
  • Identify and assess whether your application is ready to go live using the 12 factor app readiness framework

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Be assured that your initial build is reliable, secure and in line with industry best practices

Reduce future technical debt by letting our experienced engineers create the building blocks for your Kubernetes cluster

Focus on your client’s needs whilst we help you accelerate your adoption of Kubernetes as the foundation of your Cloud Native strategy

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