12 Factor App Readiness Review

Ensure you are 12 factor ready for your migration or greenfield project

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The 12 factor application methodology provides a set of best practices to follow when developing a Cloud Native application. We work with you to implement these 12 factors across a greenfield project or for a migration to Kubernetes.

Who is this for?

This is intended for the Development lead/Operations team.

What will we deliver?

Technical Specification

  • Create multiple, environment specific deployments from a single codebase with strong configuration standards and Kubernetes namespace isolation
  • Migrate to containerisation to vendor all of an application's system requirements, isolating dependencies and applying true consistency between deployment environments
  • Implement robust logging standards to minimise noise and provide accessible and structured log aggregation
  • Review architectural design to decouple all stateful backing services from the application stack
  • Splitting the application into multiple tiers to allow them to scale independently, allowing for the most efficient concurrency
  • Ensuring admin tasks that are not part of normal application management are run as one off processes

People-focused Specification

  • Improve collaboration capabilities between developers working on the same application's codebase
  • Make your app easily maintainable for your team with the ability to easily redeploy your applicaton when the underlying OS needs an upgrade or patch

What are the benefits for your Kubernetes environment?

Ensure a solid foundation is built in the new Kubernetes environment reducing technical debt further down the line

Control your application's growth over time with applications that are easily scalable

Avoid the cost of software erosion

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