At LiveWyer Labs we innovate through research and development, empowering our company to optimize operations and deliver greater value to our clients. We experiment and collaborate to stay ahead of the curve and achieve our business objectives and yours.

Here are some things we've been working on. If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to comment, or get in touch with us to find out more about how we can implement these technologies on your platform.

Building Docker containers from within a Docker container

Jake Sanders | 23 March 2015

The first question running through your head is probably "Why would anyone want to do this?" However running Docker within a container is actually quite a common use case...

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Distributed Storage using GlusterFS

Jake Sanders | 02 March 2015

A common issue with cloud applications is the requirement for persistent storage. If you're spinning up instances all across your datacentre, you have no idea which physical host will end up serving your applications. This points to the need for some sort of networked file system. If you've ever used a Linux-based network, you've probably heard of NFS. But NFS is a poor choice for distributed / concurrent systems, and as that is what cloud computing is all about, we will need a better solution...

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Slimming down your Docker containers with Alpine Linux

Jake Sanders | 24 February 2015

Something that I've noticed while pulling containers from the Docker Hub on a slow connection is that most containers are needlessly massive. Why is this so? If a container is designed to run a single process, why aren't containers the size of the package or binary download for the app they contain?

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Running Apache Mesos inside Docker on CoreOS

Jake Sanders | 16 February 2015

If you've heard of docker containers, you've probably also heard of CoreOS. If not, CoreOS is a lightweight, minimal Linux distribution designed for running containers in a clustered environment. This sounds ideal for running Apache Mesos, except for one caveat. CoreOS doesn't have packages, so in order to run Mesos, we're going to have to create containerised versions of all Mesos' services...

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Service discovery for Docker containers using Consul and Registration

Jake Sanders | 05 February 2015

You've converted your monolithic application stack into a series of linked docker containers, and everything is working great! However, you want to move the database to another node with faster disks, or perhaps spin up some more PHP interpreters to deal with additional load...

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Applications at scale: Running Docker containers on Apache Mesos

Jake Sanders | 26 January 2015

In the past, pushing your application from development into a production environment was a nightmare. Deployments would fail as developers would forget an obscure dependency that crept in to the project months ago, and provisioning a new machine with the correct environment could take hours! The world of technology moves too fast for this to be acceptable, so in recent years, the "DevOps philosophy" has emerged, a process where both development and operations engineers take part in the whole product life cycle...

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